Adam has performed on stage all around the world

He caught the eye of David Gresham which lead to his sining with Gresham Records in 2008 and publishing his self-entitled debut album.

The Album is a beautiful blend of original and re-arranged songs in the Adult-Contemporary genre, as made popular by artists such as Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli and Il Divo. Get it Here !

Adam lives in South Africa, has 3 kids, and keeps busy with writing, performing, recording and keeps his fires stoked by learning Hashem’s awesome Torah !

Adam has produced a number of Jewish Favorite covering Shabbat and traditional albums and has recently released an original pop album.

The Ultimate Chuppah, The Songs of Friday Night, The Complete Bensching CD and his latest album Mimkomo.

To keep the crazyness and kindness going he sometimes does ad lib appearances in the middle of regular or inspiring places – see the website for video’s of these.

Teaching online !  See Adam’s new Video Blog posts on various basic and inspiring jewish ideas to make the most of your day .